Why seeking beauty can be 'Poisonous'

Skincare products are commonly used by almost everyone.

Many women use and change skincare brands very frequently without being aware that many contain harmful ingredients mostly in the form of chemicals.

In a separate piece of alarming research, it showed that the skin absorbs up to 64% of the chemicals in products. They come into direct contact with the bloodstream.


What does this mean?

It means what we put on our skin should be as clean as what we eat, but most people are unaware of the situation.

Even when using small amounts of the product, many of the chemicals commonly found can have tremendous health and hormonal impact.

Here is a short list of ingredients compiled by skincare specialists that consumers need to be aware of:

  • Preservatives (PARABEN): Clog pores, estrogen led breast cancer
  • Mineral Oil: Interferes with the skin’s natural barrier function and damages hydrolipidic film, prevents skin from breathing, slows circulatory function, affects cell generation, accumulates toxins
  • Colour Additives / Synthetic Fragrances: Causes skin allergies, affects central nervous system, leads to headaches and cancer
  • Steroids Hormones: Causes eczema, dermatitis, melanin deposits, roughness, damaged blood capillaries
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG), mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel and various forms of metals are commonly used in emulsions, moisturisers and whitening products: leads to melanin deposits, brown spots, cancer, can cause liver/kidney deficiencies, anaemia and hair loss, infant deformity
  • Chemical UV Filter: Increases the death rate of skin cells under the sun
  • Common exfoliators and anti-pigmentation products (salicylic acid, chemical peeling, etc): Speeds up aging of skin, lower immunity and resistance towards UV rays/radiation
  • Alcohol: Dry skin, keratin denaturation, fragile and sensitive skin

From a TCM perspective, we generally advise users to take note of the above information so as to reduce the detrimental effects caused by prevalent chemical based skincare products in the market. 

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