8 major reasons of undesirable skin conditions

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body?
64% of what is applied on the skin is directly absorbed into our blood circulation

Common causes of skin problems may be a result of the following:

  1. Aging process
  2. Diet / Lifestyle Habits
  3. Negative emotions / Stress / Lethargy
  4. Sensitive nose & allergies / Weak respiratory functions  
  5. Inefficient functioning of liver and kidneys
  6. Endocrine disorders / Hormone imbalance/ Gynecological problems
  7. Environmental pollution and radiation / UV rays
  8. Long term exposure to the following chemical components will be harmful
    (Mercury, lead and other metals, Mineral Oil, Desensitizers, Preservatives, Colour Additives, Synthetic Fragrances, etc)

    Common symptoms expressed upon the facial skin due to the above reasons

    • Skin allergies / Broken facial capillaries / Weak hydrolipidic film
    • Pimples / Acnes / Rosacea / Comedones
    • Dry skin / Loose aging skin / Wrinkles / Scaly skin
    • Dark eye circles / Eye bags / Facial lines
    • Dark spots / Acne Scars / Melanin Deposits / Dark colored skin / Dull skin tone
    • Rough skin / Clogged or enlarged pores
    • Milia / Oil-water imbalance

    A positive change in lifestyle habits and taking preventive measures will definitely help in achieving a better skin condition