36 Herbal Ingredients . 100% Natural . No Harmful Chemical Preservatives

The Lilyanna skincare approach inherits a fundamental concept passed on by the ancients. To seek the source and eradicate the root of the problem rather than to cover up. 

Based on the oriental philosophy of balance and harmony, Lilyanna seeks to restore the natural state of your facial skin by removing displaced energies caused by toxins, pollutants and impurities accumulated beneath the skin layers over long periods of time. Symptoms of such imbalances are often expressed through dermatological means such as acnes, pimples, blackheads, pigmentation, eczema and many other forms of facial skin problems. 

Long term usage will enhance facial skin immunity, eradicate free radicals, improve microcirculation, remove/cure/prevent acnes, blackheads, pimples, dull skin, dark eye circles, melanin deposits, whiteheads, oil spots, milia, eczema, red blood silk, sensitive skin, hay fever, aging skin and various forms of skin problems. 

Through a delicate and powerful 4 steps process of natural cleansing, detoxification, balancing and rejuvenation, Lilyanna aims to purge impurities from beneath the skin layers and strengthen them by increasing its immunity while encouraging the regeneration of skin cells activities. Effectively resulting in the recovery towards a beautiful, supple and natural healthy skin. 

The overall effect is a revival of the originally natural and pure state of your facial skin. To reveal what it was always meant to be…We hold the belief that a silky, supple, and healthy complexion without the artificial enhancement of chemically produced products, is undoubtedly the most natural yet unique form of beauty.