Our refined selection of oriental herbs used as core ingredients in the formulation of
Lilyanna skincare products

Cordyceps Extract

Known for anti-aging properties with the natural ability to fight free radicals, infections and inflammations.

Ganoderma Lucidum
(Cracked Spores)

Effectively functions to suppress formation of melanin, reduce free radicals and speed up cell regeneration.

Ginseng Extract

Prized for rejuvenating the skin to reduce wrinkle formation, firm and tighten skin appearance, brightening and lightening skin complexion.

Atractylodes Macrocephala

Commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine, helps to soothe the skin and contains strong antioxidant properties.

Bletilla Striata

Popular for its whitening effect, helps to reduce swelling, effective at diminishing acne scars and good at moisturising.

Asarum Sieboldii

Known to contain effective anti-inflammatory agents, good at inhibiting the synthesis of melanin. Promote regeneration of skin cells.

Angelicae Dahuricae

Involves natural skin whitening agents, promotes skin metabolism, pigment decomposition and reduce/remove freckles.

Radix Glycyrrhizae
(Licorice Root)

Contains properties that prevents or reduce skin irritation, hyperpigmentation and inflammation.


Ancient herb used to boost skin immunity, treatment of facial spots, psoriasis and eczema. Contains strong anti-oxidants that prevents cellular damage.

Persimmon Leaves

Comprise of Vitamin C, flavonoids and amino acids.
Good for brightening skin tones, removal of coloured spots and treatment of melasma.

Paeonia Lactiflora

Commonly used to activate skin’s natural healing mechanisms, helps to tone and firm the epidermis. Contains regenerative properties.

Leonurus Artemisia

An amazing plant that can effectively ease itchiness and helps in diminishing skin rashes.

Radix Trichosanthis

Good for reducing swelling, alleviating eczema problems,
removing sweat spots, abrasions and scars.


Used for its superior hydration and anti-aging properties. Effective against acnes, rosacea and various inflammatory symptoms.

Green Tea Leaves

Recognised antioxidant benefits that delay signs of skin aging. Works well against sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Semen Pruni

Often used to control/prevent facial edema and skin infections. Helps in brightening the skin while keeping it soft and supple.

Semen Coicis
(Coix Seed)

Controls oil secretion on the skin, correct/reduce pigmentation, replenish moisture to the facial skin.

White Jade Powder

Powerful herbal ingredient that enhances skin immunity, boost microcirculation and stimulate skin’s self healing mechanism