With the ingenuity of modern science, coupled with advancements in oriental herbal theory, Lilyanna’sTM Imperial Beauty Ritual was researched and designed base on the rediscovery of Imperial Consort Yang Guifei’s beauty skincare treatment. Using a traditional and natural method comprising of a holistic 4 steps process, the Imperial Beauty Ritual has proven to work in restoring one’s facial skin to its original natural and pure state.


Full Ritual Treatment

Holistic 4 steps process

Step 1 - Cleanse/Nourish

Use LilyannaTM Facial Powder to wash and cleanse at least twice daily
- Daily (morning and night)

Step 2 - Rejuvenate

Use LilyannaTM LHA Essence to firm facial skin and restore natural glow 
– Daily (night)

Step 3 - Detox

Use LilyannaTM A.E Elements and Imperial Masque on alternate days to detoxify by removing impurities and residues deep below the facial skin
– Alternate day/2-3 times a week (once a day).
E.g. Mon/Wed/Fri – A.E Elements and Tues/Thurs/Sat – Imperial Masque.

Step 4 - Balance

Use LilyannaTM Beauty Cream to moisture and balance skin texture and protect against UV rays
– Daily (morning and night)

At least 1 month for individuals with light skin issues

3-4 months for individuals with persistently problematic skin issues

6-9 months for serious skin problems

Post Treatment Maintenance

Normal Maintenance

Daily usage of LilyannaTM Beauty Cream and Facial Powder (Cleanse + Balance)

Complete Maintenance

Daily use of LilyannaTM Beauty Cream and Facial Powder + LHA Essence (Cleanse + Balance + Rejuvenate)