Thank you so much for your recommendations! Following your Imperial Beauty Ritual has cured my skin of eczema problems that has been bothering me for years! I look forward to more products from you!
- Rie Takahashi, Housewife


I'm a loyal fan of Lilyanna products! They've helped me in keeping my skin beautiful! People I come across have always been asking what I use. Thank you so much for introducing me to your products!
- Lily Lee, Sales Manager


Dear Lilyanna, it has been a pleasure using your products over the past 3 years! As someone who needs to meet clients frequently, I'm always very conscious of my facial skin condition. Your products have helped ease my mind of such concerns. Thank you!
- Yuki Kobayashi, Marketing Executive


After years of disappointment from using chemical based skincare products, I've become a firm believer of using only purely natural skincare products. Lilyanna skincare products are indeed natural and safe. I have yet to seen anything so natural and yet so effective! I will continue to be a loyal user of your products. Thank you
- Cici Xu, Housewife


My face used to be full of acne bumps and they've caused me much embarrassment whenever I socialise. After 2 months of following the Imperial Beauty Ritual, my acne bumps and blemishes are gone! I'm thankful to my friend, Kate, for introducing your products to me! I hope to see more happy faces as your customers grow!:)
- Irene Ng, HR Director


Dear Lilyanna, I'm a stay at home mum of 2 kids. Since quitting my job 5 years ago, I've grown lazy in taking care of my face or putting on makeup even when I go out. Using your products over the past 1 month have revived my natural skin complexion and restored my confidence. My husband has also noticed the change in my facial complexion and commented that I look younger now. Thank you for your wonderful products!
- Katherine Goh, Mother of 2 lovely kids


Dear Lilyanna, I'm a fan of your Beauty Cream! This marvellous cream has lightened my pigmentations and also prevented me from sunburns whenever I play golf! I've recommended it to my other golfer friends as well!
- Laura Tan, Business Owner


Hi, my name is Kaori from Japan. I ordered your LHA Essence through a friend in Singapore. I'm very happy using this product. After using for 1 week, my face feels very firm and much brighter. However, the herbal smell is quite distinct. Is there any way to reduce it? Thank you.
- Kaori Watanabe, Housewife


Thank you for your efficient delivery! It only took me 3 days to receive my order in Melbourne. I've tried out your Imperial Masque and realized its such a powerful product! It really helped to detoxify my skin. I was initially skeptical as my face turned quite red after the first session! After reading your product instruction, I realized it is a normal reaction. I've done 3 sessions so far and the results have been amazing! I'll be trying out your other products soon!
- Lucy Olson, Adventurous Traveler


I like your products! They are so natural and safe to use! Please keep up the good work!
- Josephine Lee, Accounts Manager