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With specific treatments targeted at different skin issues, Emily's beauticians are well trained to use Lilyanna's range of herbal skincare products to resolve your skin problems.

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Choose from any of these 4 specific treatments

Lilyanna Pigmentation Remedy (60 mins)

This treatment is suitable for individuals with pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots/freckles. The process of eliminating pigmentation is one which Lilyanna Skincare prides in because of the product’s high efficacy and success stories. Before starting this treatment, an analysis of the customer’s skin type and targeted area of treatment will be conducted. Using 100% natural herbs, completely free of chemicals or additives, the aim of each session is to purge out melanin deposits, which are the main cause of pigmentation and to eventually eliminate the pigmentation completely.

 Each 60 mins session Includes:

  • Facial Cleansing with Lilyanna’s TCM Facial Powder (blended with 18 herbs)
  • AE Elements Masque with specific ingredients for Purging of Melanin Deposits and lightening pigmentation
  • Imperial Masque for Detoxification II for natural radiance and uplifting of skin
  • LHA Essence for rejuvenation and the Beauty Cream which contains cordyceps, pearl powder to lighten skin as well as a natural sunblock.

*Lightening of pigmentation should be visibly noticed after the first session

Lilyanna Acne Solution (60 mins)

This treatment helps those who struggle with acne, pimples or blackheads problem. The aim of this holistic TCM treatment is to restore the natural state of your facial skin by removing displaced energies caused by toxins, excess oil and impurities accumulated beneath the skin layers over some time. Symptoms of such imbalances or underlying problems are often indicated through dermatological means such as acne, pimples, blackheads. Part of the detoxification process of this treatment may vary, with slight redness, or itchiness and may appear stronger before turning for the better. With Lilyanna’s selected herbal properties to combat Acne and experienced facial therapist, one can look forward to restoring smoother skin and acne free complexion. 

Each 60 mins session includes the following:

  • Deep Facial Cleansing with Lilyanna’s TCM Facial Powder (blended with 18 herbs) and to combat any inflammation
  • Application of AE Elements Masque to purge impurities, toxins built up from beneath the skin layers as well as excess oil caused by hormonal imbalance. Whiteheads/Blackheads clogged up in the pores are also removed
  • Imperial Masque to stimulate blood circulation and cellular metabolism
  • Strong herbal properties in LHA Essence to fight bacteria and inflammation
  • Beauty Cream to lighten and smoothen any facial scars
Lilyanna Dark Eye Circle / Eye Bag Treatment (60 mins)

Fatigue, sun exposure, aging, are just some of the common causes of dark eye circles. Fluid retention, tiredness and aging for eyebags. These can be solved effectively with Lilyanna’s eye treatment with the therapist using herbal ingredients targeted to eliminate any water retention, lighten dark circles, stimulate blood circulation as well as to uplift any sagging skin around the eyes. Having youthful and brighter looking eyes once again is attainable

Each 60 mins session includes the following:

  • Cleansing with Lilyanna’s TCM Facial Powder to eliminate any edema around the eye area
  • Imperial Masque to lighten dark circles and lift skin around eye area
  • TCM Facial Massage to stimulate pressure points and blood circulation near the eyes, draining any excess puffiness
  • LHA Essence to reduce any fine lines around the eye area and Beauty Cream to hydrate and moisturize any dryness
Lilyanna Oil Seeds / Broken Capillaries Treatment (60 mins)

Milia/Oil Seeds can be caused by overly rich creams or oil-based skin products. Hormonal changes, pollutants and genetics are some of the common culprits for Milia/Oil seeds. Broken Capillaries are capillary walls contract and expand too quickly, the muscles in the wall tear and allow blood to seep through. With Lilyanna’s treatment and through our unique method in removing Milia/Oil seeds, we help restore your skin to its original natural and clean state. 

Each 60 mins session includes the following: 

  • Cleanse with Lilyanna Facial Powder
  • Use A.E Elements to reduce any inflammation and remove any bacteria
  • Apply LHA Essence to soften Milia/Oil seeds
  • Remove Milia/Oil seeds with needling technique and stabilize treated areas with LHA Essence again
  • Apply Beauty Cream and massage face lightly to gradually heal Broken Capillaries 

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“After the first facial visit, I could feel my skin thoroughly cleansed & detoxed. Could see visible improvement for my acne” 

Imelda chen, 29

“Thank you Emily Beauty Salon, love your herbal facial. Blackheads have been reduced by 70%. “ 

Glenn lim, 44

“My Pigmentation has lightened and fine lines lessened after a couple of sessions. Keep up the good work!”

Mdm Lee, 69

“Dark spots are not so obvious now. Believe it’s also the efficacy of the product used”

Zhiren Fu, 42

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