1. How should I use LilyannaTM herbal skincare products? Is there any sequence to follow so as to optimize the overall effect?

LilyannaTM herbal skincare products are formulated to provide a holistic treatment and care for your skin. For optimal effect or best results, please follow our Imperial Beauty Ritual.


2. What types of skin are LilyannaTM herbal skincare products unsuitable for? Will there be any negative side effects?

From a TCM perspective, results from using LilyannaTM herbal skincare products will vary with individuals due to different skin types, conditions, lifestyle, diet and genetic makeup. Due to the nature of the herbal ingredients, reactions will vary with individuals. Symptoms such as redness, puffiness, itchiness, sneezing, purging of facial impurities, etc, are common reactions during detoxification. Users with nose allergies such as pollen or prolonged sinus, frequent exposure to undesirable chemicals in synthetic make-up and skincare products are highly susceptible to the above mentioned symptoms during their initial exposure to LilyannaTM herbal skincare products. Such symptoms are normal for a short period of time, as they are reflective of the deep cleansing processes that the products stimulate in skin cells.The herbal ingredients and nutrients are meant to facilitate the expulsion of pollutants and chemicals that have accumulated beneath the facial skin over time. After a few sessions, those raw and irritated sensations will disappear and the facial skin will feel rejuvenated and regain its luster. 

We suggest all new LilyannaTM users with the above skin conditions (e.g. nose allergies, chemical peeling, etc) to start using LilyannaTM herbal skincare products with a milder dosage before adjusting to the dosage. Continuous usage until the above symptoms disappear is suggested for a thorough purification of the facial skin. However, should the user decide to continue using the products, he/she is advised to do so at their own discretion. At any point should the user feels unsure of the above reactions/symptoms, please stop use immediately. 

*Do take note that all LilyannaTM herbal skincare products are made from natural herbal ingredients hence there will not be any lasting adverse effects on the skin. 


3. Can I continue the use of other products alongside with LilyannaTM  herbal skincare products? 

LilyannaTM herbal skincare products are made from pure natural herbal ingredients. They are effective and have no long lasting damaging or adverse effect on the skin. Though we generally advise users to reduce reliance on using strong chemical based skincare products that are detrimental to the skin, the user may choose to use LilyannaTM herbal skincare products alongside with other skincare products he/she is already used to. 


4. If I have further queries, who can I consult? 

Should there be further queries regarding LilyannaTM herbal skincare products that are not mentioned in the above, please feel free to email us at Contact Us for any clarifications.